Hi there! Welcome to MTL STRW.

Wondering how to pronounce the name? There are 3 ways actually!
[met · ​al] [straw]
[mon · tree · awl] [straw]
[M · T · L] [straw]
We’re a Montreal-based company that provides metal straws to those looking to reduce their plastic footprint.

In 2018, I visited Indonesia and noticed many people were carrying around small burlap pouches and would pull out metal straws when ordering a smoothie or an iced coffee at local shops. When I think back, I don’t remember seeing any plastic straws.
In North America, plastic straws have become a commodity in our daily lives; we see and use them everywhere. In the USA alone, 500 million plastic straws are used daily and by the year 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Terrifying, I know.
My experience in Indonesia prompted me to look online and see where I can find these metal straws & pouches. I noticed that the options were limited; I wasn’t able to choose which straws I wanted, how many or what colour.
So here we are! MTL STRW was designed to let YOU choose and customize your very own metal straw set.

After some meticulous research over several months and receiving many samples from various suppliers, I’m convinced that I’ve found the best quality straws that I know you’ll love!
Our metal straws are made of high-quality 304 food grade stainless steel (BPA-free). They’re durable, there’s no metallic aftertaste and they’re rounded at the tips for a smooth sip. They’re dishwasher safe, but can be easily washed with a bristle cleaning brush (included in every order).

Straw Types

 Smoothie, Straight, Bent & Cocktail
The wide Smoothie metal straw is designed for thicker beverages, such as frozen drinks, smoothies & milkshakes. The slimmer Straight & Bent metal straws are great for drinking iced coffee, lemonade, iced tea, cocktails & more! The short Cocktail straw is designed for your favourite cocktails! Each straw type is available in a 2, 4 or 6 pack (cleaning brush & drawstring pouch included) or sold individually. 

Straw Colours 

5 stylish colours to choose from:
Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Rainbow & Black


We wanted to give you the flexibility of having each straw type in a single pack. We offer: the MTL STRW Bundle, The Cocktail Bundle and the Mega Bundle. The MTL STRW Bundle is a great starter pack and has everything you need to make the switch from plastic to metal straws! Included: 1 smoothie straw + 1 straight straw + 1 bent straw (colour of your choice), 2 cleaning brushes and a travel-friendly drawstring pouch. 


Honestly, there's just something about metal straws that makes drinking smoothies & iced coffee a little more fun!

 Take a look at our metal straws